Monday, December 7, 2009

Overwhelmed by games..

Letting out a personal and dark secret here...

I'm a gamer. A big one. But since that generally goes hand-in-hand with LOTR references and black background emo-blogs, I guess you figured that out.

But anyways, this season has me friggin overwhelmed by games... seriously. I feel like I've been in perpetual orgasm state here since November. And because I care, I'm going to tell you what I'm REALLY looking forward to playing in the next few months.

Top ten list!

10: Starcraft 2-
The RTS I want most, though I'd really like a 2010 Diablo 3 release.. Sigh. That will definitely compete with a hopefully announced new console Zelda on my list for next year.

9: Left for Dead 2-
Zombies, Guns, Tons o Fun.

8: God of War 3-
I didn't really play much of the first two, but from what I did play, they were incredibly enjoyable games, even with the retarded plot devices. I'm not in on the graphical hype, but this game does look incredible, and as fluid as always. I've got a good feeling I'll enjoy this game... Even if I wont enjoy the titan-sized rape of Greek mythology. (Hoping for an Xbox360 launch)

7: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks-
Another well known secret... >_>.... I'm a huge Zelda fan. Anytime there is a new launch I'm usually there, but I tend to slack from time to time with the portable versions. Thats not to say I'm not anticipating it, au contraire, I cant wait to sink my teeth into it.. Yet there are a few that I'd like to play a bit more...

6: Tekken 6-
This is one I've got already, and have sunk a decent amount of hours into. I like fighting games, and I've got a lot of really decent, tourny-level competition around me. The game is visually stunning, and all the models have been recast and look beautiful on mah xbox. Big complaint is loading time and the horrendous story mode, but for a fighting game, I guess it tries. Regardless, if you love Tekken you'll love Tekken 6.

5: Dragon Age: Origins-
Once long, long ago, in the last millennium, there were a breed of games unlike any other. Games in the category of Baldurs Gate, Fallout (1-2), and Gabriel Knight- to name a few. Games that nestled so deeply in your core you base the rest of your gaming experience upon them. Though Interplay has been slain (mostly), and EA has stuffed Sierra under a rug somewhere, there is still the glimmer of hope at BioWare with games such as Neverwinter Nights, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age: Origins taking up the mantle of Black Isle's Baulder's Gate. I havn't defeated their newest epic, but it has yet to disappoint.

4: Final Fantasy: Dissidia-
Who couldn't love their favorite Final Fantasy characters going at it with their big swords and long beautiful hair in visually stunning and homosexually-swaying Square-Enix style? I sure can't turn it down, even If I just created irremovable imagery... so you know they're doing something right! Regardless, I've wanted this game since I first imagined something to this extent when Squall and Seifer dueled at the opening credits of 8, thinking.... What if this guy fought Cloud?

A million years later, my fan-service has surfaced.

3: Street Fighter 4: Turbo-
This is assuming I get Makoto and Ibuki, since I loved 3rd Strike so very much. I cant imagine Makoto playing out in the SF4 engine, but I'm sure Capcom can work it out. Gimme gimme!

2: Assassin's Creed 2-
I loved the first assassin's creed, especially since I'd never played a Prince of Persia-esque game. Story wise, I was greatly surprised by the originality and sense of style this game pulled off, and from what I've been told and have read, people were greatly impressed by its sequel. Here's hoping its deserving of this #2 spot.

1: Final Fantasy 13-
Oh here you are you beast of a game, come to tempt me with your Xbox360 release. I spasm-ed and creamed in fountains of joy-fluid upon hearing of its release. Finally, after 10- we're back to where Final Fantasy's should be. Cheers to you, Square-Enix! (wasn't SquareSoft so much cooler?) I'm requesting a week off for this game. No, seriously.

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