Sunday, December 6, 2009

The One Ring

I was browsing on Amazon for a gag gift for my sister.. They had a nice (ok not very nice) golden ring replica with a chain. I was all going to buy it and stuff, but I'm big on product reviews, and it only had one.

It was by Caraculiambro (or whatever the fuck), who's primary complaint was that it "failed to turn me evil."

They went on to say "As soon as this ring arrived, I wore it recklessly, despite Galdalf's stern admonitions not to.

Yet despite the manufacturer's brochure, I never began to "fade." It's true that the ring was able to render me invisible, but even that wasn't as useful as I had been hoping: as it turns out, all my friends, family, and colleagues have already joined the forces of Sauron, so they're able to see me just fine whenever I put the ring on. The net effect, therefore, is that things just became dark and blurry whenever I wear it."

Who's ever heard of a ring of invisibility that doesn't turn one invisible? So much for that. I'm glad I'm not a bigot with reviews like the rest of you.

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