Sunday, November 15, 2009


Something I've never really considered. Throwing thoughts over the internet for some creepy guy to easily access. Grimy, fat, smelly, emotionally deprived guys with cheeto encased fingers sitting in the dark at ungodly hours with only the light from their computer screen to glimmer over their deranged eyes, in (of course) the cliche parent's basement.

People I don't know just reading my thoughts. Hmmm..

I guess there isn't any harm in that really, and I guess that's why blogging may be alright.
I'm not expecting that particular profile of stalker either as a 24 year old Caucasian male. Though I'm hoping there wont be stalkers at all... Unless they're really hot female stalkers.... In black spandex... With agenda's that involve me in a race against time to save the world from diabolical villains...And I have like powers or something...

Tangents.... So back to blogging.

So many people, blogging the mundane. The grind. The weekend to come and the one that has passed. Living their lives one glass at a time, always trying to fill the cup at half empty. Family, friends, coworkers- everyone listing their lives with photos and tweets and relationship statuses that update to computers, and cell phones, and brain chips. Everything there is to know about you in a single and impersonal click.

Well maybe not everything. The "sold" image. The one you want them to see. Everyone has a vice... a secret. Maybe even its your blog that you type away on, in the dead of night, rattling away with your orange fingers as you hungrily await that next face book notification e-mail.

So to am I guilty, as these are addictive times- and anyone without a face book is always strongly advised to get one. Even more of my reserved friends have succumbed of late. Its a good source of basic information, and an excellent way to keep tabs on friends. If Charlie "is feeling under the weather", I know its best not to call him to go grab a latte and brush up on my Nihongo. If Eugene is going to be at the bowling alley at 9, I know where not to be to avoid a miserable experience. Useful indeed.

On topic still? Sortof. The blog.

The blog can be more than mundane, it can be gateway to deeper emotions. A way to express a personal side that you want people to understand about you, or maybe that helps you understand yourself in writing it. I know not.

For me, I'll use it as an experiment. A journey into an unknown world of faceless men- each armed with keyboards, mice, and endless hours to kill. Perhaps they'll read what I have to say, maybe a few of them will like it. Either way I'll get to say what I want to say, and that'll be enough for me.

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